How to Register

Online registrations for the 2019 Outdoor Season are now open.

Returning members should receive an email invitation with a link to click on to register that will automatically log you in and take you to the registration page.  Alternatively you can click the Register Now button below.

New members will need to click on the Register Now button below OR click on Register Now in the REGO+PAY menu on the website.

Register Now

Club Registration
Step 1. Enter the details of the Primary Contact who is also responsible for payment of the fees.  For junior members the Primary Contact must be a parent or guardian.

Step 2. Enter the details of an alternative emergency contact (other than the primary contact or players).

Step 3. Add each player's details, including which grade / competition they wish to be part of.  Then click on the green Next button.

Step 4. Check that the registered details are correct, accept the terms and conditions, and click on one of the green buttons bottom right of page to finalise your registration with the club.  Select "Pay Another Way" if you want to pay later.

Step 5. A link will be shown at the end of the hockey club registration process to go to the Hockey WA / Hockey Australia registration process - see below for more details.

Hockey WA / Hockey Australia Registration

This is required to be completed before the player is eligible to play.

A Hockey Australia fee is payable as part of this registration process for players 9 and over.  This covers the Hockey Australia levy and player insurance previously paid by the club to Hockey WA.

Following registration with the club you will be directed to another registration page to register on the Hockey WA system as noted above  

Clicking the link to the Hockey WA / Hockey Australia Registration System will take you to the registration section for our club.

If for whatever reason you are unable to complete your Hockey WA registration, please email the Club Secretary with the details and the club will attempt to help you through the process..

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